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If you are over 45 years old and male you probably have already heard about the health risk that can be caused by an enlarged prostate.

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The changes caused by an enlarged prostate can initially cause no symptoms however in the case of a Benign Prostate Hyperplasia there can be some problems urinating.
Approximately 25-30% all men who are over 45 years old are affected by these changes.

Difficulty voiding is only one of these symptoms- further ones combined with pain are:
•      Urinary frequency
•      Inability to  void
•      Sudden uncontrolled urgency
•      Urinary dripping
•      Difficulty initiating voiding or the feeling of incomplete voiding
Over time that could lead to a certain type of incontinence. Additionally, to all this there is this feeling of shame to talk about it even with your doctor.

The prostate itself is an organ that only men have. It is a small gland located in front of the urinary bladder. The benign enlargement of this gland is called benign prostate hyperplasiaAn enlarged prostate pushes  against the urethra and it shrinks causing a week streak. The rest of the urine remains in the bladder and unfortunately it can ibecome an invitation for all kind of bacteria and chronic inflammation. Later on, this can lead to urinary stones. The bladder is overstretched and causes bad pain.

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We would like to explain to you what happens if you don’t treat an enlarged prostate:
  • painful urinating
  • results in the need to take chemical drugs (prescription medication)
  • or even the need of a surgery (which can result in complications like even impotence)
If you want to avoid all this, you need to take an immediate action!

Don’t ignore this sign just because you might be ashamed.

Maybe you have already noticed following symptoms:
  • increased frequency urinating
  • nightly trips to the bathroom to void
  • the feeling of incomplete emptying
  • pain, burning and difficulty initiating voiding or stopping?
If you answered all the question with yes you probably have a prostate problem.
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